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What we do

At Pitfield, supporting the nature and nurture of farm animals through synergistic and strategic nutritional supplementation is at the centre of everything that we do.

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Through decades of dairy, beef and sheep sector experience, we have worked extensively with academics and industry peers. We now offer, unique technologies in all our products, providing exceptional nutritional support for production livestock.

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Why we do it

Progressive livestock farmers have dedicated generations of experience and made significant monetary investments into breeding genetically superior animals, capable of satisfying modern production expectations.


Working exclusively in the ruminant sector, Pitfield work tirelessly with these farmers to achieve the full genetic potential of their livestock through the strategic use of innovative and premium quality nutraceutical, probiotic and prebiotic products.

Animal Science
Working For You

Speak with one of our accredited specialists to learn how you can use synergistic and strategic supplementation to improve animal health, productivity and profitability.

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