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Fueling Performance

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Genetic improvement is a vital component of modern livestock production.


The expectations placed on genetically superior, modern production livestock are numerous. At farm level, increased yields, improved fertility, improved health, improved Feed Conversion Efficiency and reduced production costs form the core of these expectations. On a more global level, these expectations extend to the reduction of the environmental impact of livestock production by reducing the need for antibiotics, reducing inputs such as feed and water, and by reducing the levels of methane produced.


It is important to note however that genetic improvement in production livestock only imparts potential performance capabilities in the animal. The animals’ genetic potential can only be realised through a comparable elevation of husbandry practices and nutritional support on-farm to meet their elevated needs.

Pitfield are here to help...

Working in synergy with our distribution partners and the market leading mineral technologies available from TERRA NurtiTECH, Pitfield products are a central component in the market leading "Fueling Performance" initiative, a multi-company concept specifically designed to support progressive livestock farmers in achieving the full genetic potential of their animals.

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Contact a member of the Pitfield team for more details. Alternatively, contact a member of our distribution team using the contact details on the Pitfield Distributors page.

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